Via Venini, 6 Varenna (Lecco)
Telefono +39 3385430080

“the massage”

“Il Massage” is located in Varenna at Palazzo Venini, in Via Venini 6. In the heart of the village, near the Piazza San Giorgio, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, bars and characteristic shops. close to the parking, the ferry and the station.

“Massage”, a meeting between professionalism and harmony, to lead to a state of relaxation, well-being, moving the mind away from the outside world, from thoughts and stress, to recover vitality, letting the flow of energy flow freely creating balance between soul, body and mind. Music, oils, essential oils, aromas, essences, candles and details, well cared for, in order to satisfy the senses and make each massage personalized and unique.

“Massage” in an exclusive, precious and welcoming atmosphere, including magic, charm, elegance and art of the location, offers several massages, performed by qualified personnel, with different dexterity, to remember the waves of the lake, the scents of the seasons, of flowers and plants, the sound and colors of nature, etc …