silvia maggi


Spa handmade soap with white towels and sea salt.


My path has begun as a beautician with specialization, during which, the particular interest that I have developed for some time in massages, has lead me to the world of well-being. I participated in several courses specializing in relaxing massages, hot stone massages, draining massages, anti-cellulite massages, sports massages, massages with crystals and Tibetan bells. I thus obtained the diploma of operator in holistic massage, spa & spa massage and sports massage.

I keep myself constantly updated to expand knowledge and preparation. I believe it is a “world” in which professionalism and passion have an important value. I started my work experience in hotels, and in 2018 I decided to open my “Professional Studio” Il Massaggio, in a small and romantic town on Lake Como: Varenna.

The philosophy of my studio is dedicated to the well-being of body, soul and mind, the whole of our being. The true beauty comes from the balance of body, mind and soul, from our deepest part where experiences, situations, life paths and emotions meet, and hence the need to let go of what is not needed, stress, thoughts. Relax and rediscover yourself, a precious pause to enhance and exalt the inner and outer beauty in a personalized treatment.

Il Massaggio: massage the soul, touching the body